Yard Waste Facility Leaf and Limb Collection

The City of Mattoon operates a Yard Waste Facility where residents of the City can dispose of leaves, trees limbs, grass clippings, and other similar plant material. Free mulch is also available to City residents at the site. The facility is located on the east side of the intersection of Logan and Shelby.

The Yard Waste Facility is open during daylight hours, 7 days per week. There is no charge to City residents disposing of yard waste from their properties in the City Limits.

Commercial landscape contractors, tree trimmers, and contractors working on properties within the City Limits may use the facility for a fee. Contractors can obtain permit and fee information by calling 235-5171, between the hours of 7A and 3P, Monday thru Friday. The facility does not currently have capacity to accommodate waste from outside the City Limits.

There is a separate pile for tree limbs. There is a combined pile for leaves, grass clippings, and all other plant material. Material can be disposed of in biodegradable paper bags. The bags are available at County Market, Home Depot, Kull Lumber, Rural King, and Wal-Mart during their normal business hours. Plastic bags, cardboard boxes and other items used to bundle or transport the waste need to be separated prior to disposal. A dumpster is available for those items.

The City does not provide year round curb side yard waste collection. The City does pick up downed tree limbs from the trees located on the public right-of-way. The City does conduct curb-side leaf collection during the height of the fall season.

The City does conduct City-wide curb side collection after storms with significant City-wide damage. These special collection dates are announced in the newspaper and on the website.

The City does provide curb side pick-up for senior citizens, or persons with disabilities, who can not otherwise get their yard waste to the facility. Those residents can call 235-5171, 7A to 3P, Monday thru Friday to make arrangements.