Volunteer & Community Service

“Mattoon Works” is a volunteer service program designed to coordinate the manpower and initiative of volunteers throughout the community with the facilities and resources of the City.

Whether you are an individual or a civic organization, Mattoon Works can help facilitate your volunteer service ideas.

The City of Mattoon owns and operates the following public facilities:

  • Lake Mattoon
  • Lake Paradise
  • Bike Trail from 10th Street to Loxa Road
  • Peterson Park
  • Lawson Park
  • Cunningham Park
  • Vanlaningham Park
  • Little Kinzel Park
  • Boys and Girls Youth Sports Complexes
  • Skate Park
  • Amtrak Railroad Depot
  • Peterson House
  • City Hall
  • Mattoon Public Library
  • Burgess Osborne Auditorium
  • Dodge Grove Cemetery
  • Yard Waste Facility

We also have plots available for plantings at the following sites:

  • City Limit Welcome Signs
  • Broadway Avenue/Downtown Flower Pots
  • Broadway Avenue Railroad Bridge
  • Dewitt Avenue Railroad Bridge
  • Traffic Island @ Oklahoma from 9th to Illinois
  • Traffic Island @ Olive & 19th
  • Traffic Island @ Walnut & 24th
  • Traffic Island @ Charleston, Lafayette & 24th
  • Traffic Island @ Commercial, Pine & 25th
  • Traffic Island @ Commercial, Cedar & 28th
  • NW Corner of 10th & Richmond
  • SW Corner of 10th & Richmond
  • SE Corner of 12th & Richmond
  • SW Corner of 12th & Marshall
  • SW Corner of 14th & Maple
  • NE Corner of 21st & Broadway
  • NW Corner of 35th/Park Street & Marshall
  • Area between Broadway & Charleston, Crestview to 1st Mid Ill Bank
  • North Right-of-Way in Country Gardens
  • South Right-of-Way on Palm from 17th to Lawn Drive along Creek

Your inspiration and perspiration make the improvement. We provide assistance with supplies, access, material deliveries, etc. Work ideas include, but are in no way limited to; Landscaping and Trash Clean-up as well as Minor Facility Maintenance, Repairs & Improvements. All we ask is that you care for and maintain any plantings that you do.

Please contact Debbie at 234-3611, or parks@mattoonillinois.org, for more information.

The Mattoon Works Program does not contribute toward improvements at Residences, Commercial or Industrial Properties, other Governmental Entities, or Non-Profit Groups. The Mattoon Works Program does not provide reimbursement for past work.