Electrical Aggregation Program Update



The City accepted bids for electricity for our residents and small businesses on December 11, 2012.

The winning bid was 3.909¢/kW*hr from Homefield Energy (Ameren Energy Marketing).

Eligible residents will be receiving “opt-out” notices the week of December 26 thru 29. Residents have 19 days from the date of the post-mark to “opt-out” of the program if they do not wish to participate. Participating residents will also receive a letter from Ameren in January indicating that their service provider is being changed.

Customers on Ameren’s Standard Rate, that do not “opt-out”, will automatically be switched to the new rate. There is no action required for these customers to get into the program.

Ameren’s Power Smart Customers should have been removed from the list of customers to be switched. However, these customers should complete and return the opt-out notice if they receive one.

Ameren’s All-Electric Customers were originally intended to be left out of our program. However, our pricing turned out so well that we can offer them significant year-round savings. All-Electric Customers will be automatically enrolled in our program unless they return an opt-out notice.

Customers with 3rd party power supply agreements can join our program if they wish. They need to review their cancellation clauses with their current supplier. The contact info for Homefield is CustCare@HomefieldEnergy.com, 866-694-1262. The contact numbers for Ameren are: 800-755-5000 residential, 800-232-2477 Commercial.

New customers, such as someone moving to the area or someone moving within the community, will automatically be included in the program unless they request otherwise when setting up their service.

Residents are cautioned that 3rd party suppliers will continue to solicit business during the switchover period. Anyone asking you to sign-up or enroll is not with our program.

For more information, please see the Mattoon Page on Homefield Energy’s Website; http://www.homefieldenergy.com/Customers/Pages/CommunitiesWeServe.aspx.

Updated: December 27, 2012